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April 22.  Does the date ring a bell?  Unless you have had the rare opportunity to take a completely unplugged spring break vacation then you have probably read that there will be a big AdWords announcement next Tuesday, April 22nd.  Yes.  That’s why April 22nd is stuck in your head and if you are anything like our PPC team at 435 Digital then the anticipation is more than you can stand.

Remember the last big announcement? Who can forget?  Unless you have just started learning PPC in the last six months then you know how much Enhanced Campaigns changed the way we run paid search campaigns with AdWords.

Live on the Inside Adwords blog the AdWords team promises to announce 10+ new products, features and research studies based customer feedback. Three key learnings from the research conducted were:

  1. It’s no longer about devices
  2. Context matters more than ever
  3. Connecting people to content.

Luckily, the announcement is less than a week away so we won’t have to wait much longer.  You will find a lot of speculations as to what people predict the new products and features will be, but before then, here is my wishlist of improvements … things I want to see with AdWords upgrades:

In-Store Conversions

AdWords conversion tracking is an e-commerce website advertiser’s dream. But what about the businesses — small, medium or large — that don’t offer their products or services for purchase online? AdWords took a step in the right direction in September by offering an Estimated Total Conversions column within reporting, which gives advertisers an estimate of conversions that take multiple devices to complete.  What’s missing is the conversion data a customer found a product or service online which prompted them to visit a brick-and-mortar location.  Please, oh please, Google give us a way to better prove ROI with in-store conversions.

Offer Extensions

I was never completely satisfied with the explanation as to why the Offer Extensions feature was taken away.  Offer Extensions acted much like Call Extensions or Location Extensions where they would give an advertiser more real estate on the SERP with a link to a special offer which a customer could print and redeem at a storefront location or redeem online.  Most of the reason I would like Offer Extensions back is so that I can somehow track in-store conversions (see paragraph above).

Audience Targeting

Proper account structure, keyword variations and ad copy can help advertisers speak to a specific audience, but how great would it be to have further control over who sees our ads with more sophisticated audience targeting?  Targeting just males or just females in a specific ad group could give advertisers even more opportunities to cater their messaging to specific audiences and turn prospective customers into conversions.

No matter what new products or services are announced on April 22, as an advertiser it is exciting to have new and unexplored opportunities to reach consumers.  As a consumer of many products and services myself, I certainly look forward to having more special offers of your products at my fingertips (after-all, mobile is all the rage).