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Did you get fooled on yesterday? Did your business/brand decide to pull pranks of its own? We hope you didn’t believe everything you saw on social media on Tuesday because a lot of it was in honor of April Fools’ Day. Whether it was your friends, celebs or businesses you follow, everyone was joking around.  Some people fell for the pranks while others kept on their toes. Here are a few favorites that we came across:

ginosGino’s East Pizza – A Chicago favorite!  They are especially known for allowing patrons to leave their mark on their walls.  Well, on April 1, that put that to a temporary halt.  They posted a photo of a clean brick wall and told their fans they had painted over all the old markings.  Next time they’ll know NOT to mess with peoples autographs.







mmsM&M’s – Not sure why they made this an April Fools’ joke as these would probably taste delicious.  Who doesn’t love chocolate and bacon? This faux launch was followed up with a real launch of a tasty new M&M, birthday cake. Well played, M&M’s.





captain_morganCaptain Morgan Spiced Rum – The popular rum beverage launched a new “Taco Rum” on April Fools’Day. This will pair perfectly with Taco Bell’s launch of their breakfast. Cheers!




toast_crunchCinnamon Toast Crunch – The popular cereal introduced a new flavor. Grilled cheese! While we enjoy a good grilled cheese, let’s keep those meals separate. Their fans had some pretty clever responses, memes specifically.






ed_debevicksEd Debevic’s – While the servers at this restaurant live everyday like it’s April Fools’, just a simple statement that they will stop being rude is all they needed to send out.  One fan threatened to not be a customer anymore if that was the case, and Ed’s replied with “IT WAS FREAKIN APRIL FOOLS DAY.”

All of the above examples played off something that the business and/or product are known for, staying true to their brands and customers. It’s important to let your fans know that you can have a little fun without stepping too far out of bounds. Putting some light hearted humor into your social strategy will more than likely increase your shares and interactions with clients and customers.

Talk to us: What were some of your favorite Internet April Fools’ pranks this year?