With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, why not pair up your social strategy with the highly anticipated holiday? Wearing every green item in your closet only comes once a year, so let’s enjoy it.  It doesn’t matter what type of brand you are, holidays are always an easy go-to if you find yourself struggling with content.  For St. Patty’s day, the possibilities are endless. Some might be more applicable to your audience than others, and if you’re not sure just stick with something generic – Corned beef, cabbage, green beer, luck, rainbows, leprechauns … you get the idea. Check out what Urban Outfitters came up with …


  • If you are lucky enough to be a Chicago-specific brand, you’re in luck (no pun intended). Play up that lovely green Chicago River that only happens once a year. Head downtown for both before and after pics. Ask passer-bys if they’ve ever seen it before. Share the best responses you your social channels.
  • Encourage your staff to dress up in their best green outfits and post the photo to your social media. Fans want to know you can enjoy yourselves!  At this time it might be worth it to ask fans to share their best green outfits as well.
  • Post St. Patrick’s Day themed trivia or a “Did you know” statement.  This encourages participation and comments.  Look for a question that somehow relates to your business.  This could be a particular year that is relative to your brand.  For example: We’ve been serving the Boston community since 1990. Did you know the first St. Patrick’s Day parade took place in 1737 in Boston?
  • If you are a restaurant, come up with a secret referral code for patrons to receive a small token for visiting your establishment.  For example: The first 5 people to come into our restaurant and use code “Luck of the Irish” will get a special green treat.
  • Push out ideas on how to throw the best St. Patrick’s Day party. Provide fans with decorating ideas, recipes, costumes and more.
  • Provide fans all the fun St. Patrick’s Day happenings taking place around your city.  Parades, restaurant specials and other things to do during the holiday.


You cannot go wrong with playing up the holidays.  The majority of your fans and followers are getting excited and posting about the day themselves, so don’t get left out of the conversation. Maybe you have a graphics team that can put together a festive cover photo or profile picture? Maybe a fun promotional flyer that incorporates both the holiday and a particular event you have going on? Keep in mind, many happenings take place even prior to March 17th, so be sure you’re aware of what the events in your city!