Last week Facebook decided to update their algorithm again, changing the way text and link statuses get ranked in your news feed. This minor change can have an impact on a company’s entire social strategy, so while the average user might not even notice, companies should take note and adjust accordingly.

Reasons Behind Facebook’s Algorithm Change

Facebook claims people do not generally interact with text statuses from companies as much as a text status from a friend. We do agree that a text only status does not seem to generate as much engagement as a photo, but we have seen an increase in the number of “people who saw this”. That theory may be put to rest after this recent announcement. It would be best to take out text only statuses from your social media strategy for the time being. The question remains whether or not the other types of statuses (photos, videos, links, etc.) will become more or less important in the overall strategy. This will remain an unanswered question until some testing is complete or Facebook makes another announcement.

Sharing Links on Facebook

Another detail within the recent statement from Facebook is the way people share links on the social platform. When we share links for either our clients or ourselves, we always make sure the link auto-populates all of the metadata including the thumbnail. It is helpful that Facebook gives you the option to upload your own thumbnail if the one that populates does not fit properly or is not relevant to the shared content. The good news is the share-link is the default option when posting a link, so no extra step is involved. This news does not come as a surprise as this way of link sharing is much more visually appealing than removing the metadata. It should look something like this:

435 fb example

How Facebook’s Algorithm Change Affects Brands

What does this algorithm change mean for brands? First things first, you need to switch to more media rich content and link sharing. One example we use a lot for our clients is sharing testimonials on their social media channels. This is a text only update and now we will move from only posting the quote, to using a link to where someone can find that text on the website. It’s a small change, but one we’ll be using to make sure we are utilizing full potential on Facebook news feed real estate.

When looking over your content calendar be sure to keep in mind that text only will not be as relevant in your social strategy. Find ways to tweak your content to please Facebook’s ever changing algorithm and you’ll be all set. If you ever need help creating content, give us a call.  We are always happy to help!