Digital marketing has dozens of facets – website development, social media, PPC, graphic design, search engine optimization – the list goes on and on. My focus is content, which itself comes in many forms. Are we talking about the text on the homepage of a website? A weekly blog? Product descriptions? How about the content that goes in to your email marketing?

Email Marketing

The text, photos, font and colors of your email marketing can have a big impact on your business. People live and die by email these days, so making a good impression is crucial. Start with the “quality over quantity” philosophy and go from there. Here’s some food for thought to get you started –

Know your audience. If you’re a beauty school targeting potential students, chances are your demographic is 20-something females. Opt for bright colors, poppy photos, and really play up your social media. If you’re an insurance company, chances are your audience just wants a simple newsletter with the important information in a digestible format. So give them that, no need to go crazy.

Keep it clean. When it comes to layout, less is more. Most people will read your email during business hours, and they have other work to do. Don’t make them work to find your important information. I’m a fan of more visual emails with a 60/40 photo to text ratio. Not only are they more pleasing to look at, but what text is shown won’t seem so daunting. And remember that humans are creatures of habit. Must-have items should be in the same place week after week. This includes phone numbers, email addresses, social media icons, the main website link, legal jargon and subscription options. Same with design choices – don’t flop back and forth on fonts, background colors, headline sizes, etc.

Pick your topic. This should more or less be based on how often you press send. If you create a quarterly newsletter, it’s fine to share generic updates and information. If your email goes out weekly, you’ll want to narrow the focus a bit. Sticking with the beauty college theme, if you’re sending a weekly e-blast, maybe you focus on a different beauty tip each time. You might not necessarily have updated news to share weekly, but switching up the topic keeps your emails relevant and useful.

Customize your subject line. How many “December Newsletters” will people take the time to open up? Probably not many. Find a way to make yours standout. Be specific about what’s inside or use an intriguing phrase. Honestly, just flip through your spam folder or deleted items and take note of what turned you off and what you could do differently to make your e-blast a must-read.

Link up. Link back to your website as much as possible without being obnoxious. People aren’t buying products or helping your ad revenue by reading your e-mail. You have to get them to your website first. “Read More” links are also great for long text that you don’t want to take up valuable real estate in your e-mail – like blogs or news articles.