The holidays have arrived and now it’s time to get started with a holiday sweepstakes or giveaway on your social media profiles. Retailers do an estimated 24% of their annual sales during December and an additional 9% during November. No better time to put some money into getting your name and product out in front of those shoppers. One of the best ways to encourage new fans on your Facebook page is to provide them an incentive. In fact, 79% of consumers Like a Facebook brand page because it offers discounts (info from

How to Run a Contest on Your Facebook Page

There are a few ways you are able to host a sweepstakes or contest. The first is through a 3rd party application. This allows you to create a separate tab on your page and allows you to collect customer’s information. This is a great way to add email addresses to your database and allows you to provide an incentive to those that did not win. For example, the grand prize winner takes home a year’s supply of ice cream, but all those that entered are emailed a coupon for 10% off their purchase. Throw a Facebook specific code on that coupon and now you are able to directly track who came in from your sweepstakes. This is a way to track the ROI of your sweepstakes.

The second way to host a contest is directly on your page’s timeline. Facebook now allows giveaways to take place without all the back work that goes into a 3rd party one. You can simply ask people to comment or Like a post for their chance to win. You can find all the specifics by reading Facebook’s page guidelines.

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Choosing Prizes for a Facebook Contest

It is important to put some thought into what you are giving away. You want to make sure the prize is relevant to your brand in some way and make the prize something that will keep customers returning to your business or service. If you are able to give away more than one prize, it is definitely recommended. The more you give out, the more people are likely to talk about your product or service. Are you having trouble thinking of what to giveaway? Think about your testimonials from happy customers. What in particular do they enjoy about your company, product, or service? When in doubt, gift cards are the way to go. You can give out a gift card for X dollars and this usually will encourage people to spend more than they normally would.

While Facebook is the most effective platform to get consumers talking about products, you do not have to limit your contests to just Facebook. Instagram is a great way to collect visuals of your brand and fairly simple to host a quick contest. Don’t forget Instagram video. This is a good way to really hear what the customers have to say and an easy way to collect testimonials!

Looking to host a contest but need some professional help? Our social media specialists are here to help you run a smooth and successful sweepstakes.