Black Friday Paid Search


Black Friday kicks of the holiday shopping season in less than 48 hours (and for some stores, even less than that). Any experienced deal-hunter will tell you that getting what you want isn’t as easy as showing up to a store just as they open and expecting to walk away with every item checked off your shopping list. Black Friday success takes planning. It takes preparation. It takes a well thought out plan.

Your paid search marketing efforts need to follow that same path to success over the next 6 weeks. With the shopping season getting into high gear this week, trends need to be followed and a plan of attack has to be formulated. Hopefully, you’ve already got your Black Friday – Christmas plan hashed out and ready to kick-off after kickoff on Thursday. But if you don’t, here are our 435 Digital Paid Search Tips For The Holidays:

  1. Make sure you have extra budget. Even if you are in an industry that traditionally doesn’t see too much of an increase in year-end traffic, it’s better to have extra budget available and not need it than to see a natural surge in traffic over a short period of time and losing it all because you never saw it coming. The beauty of this is that even if you put extra budget aside and don’t use it, you can funnel it into other short-term “year end” advertising blasts through other channels.
  2. Keep an eye on the competition. Do a few searches every now and then for your top keywords and keep an eye on what your closest competitors are doing. If they’re running some kind of holiday promotion or special pricing that makes them stand out as the most interesting/lowest cost paid search result, you might have to step up with some kind of discount of your own. With holiday shoppers looking to stretch their budgets as much as they can, sometimes price can trump everything else. Do what you have to in order to remain competitive.
  3. Keep an eye on what people are searching. Every day or two, make sure to run a search query report for the last week or so. There may be changing trends in the specific keywords people are searching, and you need to be there to add these keywords to your account if it makes sense to. Stay on top of trends the best you can and nab that cheap traffic before your competition does.
  4. Appeal to the late shoppers. If you’re an e-commerce site, use your paid search ads to let people know just how much time they have. If you have a hard date the week before Christmas that serves as the cutoff for guaranteed Christmas delivery, put it out there! If you’ll still deliver before the holidays when your competitors have stopped, you can snag some bonus customers as the season wraps up. Every year, there are more and more people waiting too long to buy that are begging to pay you $50 for an overnight delivery.
  5. Get into the spirit. Yes, it sounds a bit corny, but adding some holiday cheer into your ad copy can actually help make you stand out. If you’re anything like me and you use Google almost exclusively for most internet queries, you’ve become pretty desensitized to a lot of paid ads. Having one go outside the box and being more creative than the 9 other paid ads on the screen can go a long way to grabbing my attention and possibly my business.

If you still want to incorporate these tips into your paid search efforts, better get a move on! Today’s halfway over and no one wants to work on Thanksgiving. Unless it’s working on breaking in the recline position on your favorite chair after eating more than you ever thought you could. That is acceptable work.