There has been plenty of talk regarding Google’s new hummingbird algorithm. Does this impact your customer interactions? In the long run, likely yes. Should you hyper-focus on it? Probably not. All one needs to think about is the reason that Google made this change, increases in voice driven mobile queries where it now receives all of the search string instead of part of the search string. There are already signs that Google’s changes to appease mobile use cases, like this year’s unfortunate Gmail compose, is adversely affecting other parts of the enterprise.

In the long run, Google might use this to change the delivery and monetization models on mobile devices with different devices. While this is possibly that could carry risks to organizations in the long run, there is no need to panic about it – yet…

So instead of having a cow about hummingbird, why not learn to fly like an eagle?

Flying like an eagle is exactly what business leaders should do! To fly like an eagle you must spread your wings and fly. To spread your wings and fly you must first think differently about customers and business.

Customers – In his 1954 classic business book, The Practice of Management, Peter Drucker stated on page 37, “There is only one valid definition of a business purpose: to create a customer.” If you want to hear alot more about Drucker timeless wisdom, please tune in to the 5th Annual World Drucker Forum live stream on November 12th and 13th, 2013.

– To create customers, one needs to have a unique value proposition.

– To create customers, one needs to have a people across the organization with the right attitude focused on the customer.

– To create customers, one must focus a product or service on the needs and results created for customers.

– To create customers, one must create demand for a product or service or capture demand for product or service.

– To capture customer demand, one must place messaging in places where is where be seen by relevant customers.

– To be seen by relevant customers, there is simply no better place to be seen other than search engines where people are constantly raising their hands to seek information on products and services to consider, recommend or purchase.

– To be found by those that are constantly raising their hands, you need to migrate your customer value proposition from product focused to customer need focused.

– To completely migrate a customer value proposition successfully, you need the assistance a a professional who can help you create a customer focused culture and then translate those things into search engine friendly content.

It is that last one that creates serious problems for certain individuals. Many businesses (and people) are set in their ways and know certain domain knowledge. Some are currently managing businesses to the obsolete metrics, have lost track of who their customer is, are too focused on financial engineering to see the business transformation opportunities or have lost touch with proper business acumen.

Ask yourself the following, is your digital marketing agency and/or strategy consulting company helping you with the above business questions effectively with your best interest put first and foremost?

If not, please consider a new course of action for you and your business in 2014. It starts with you deciding to do something different.