BOO!  Halloween is upon us and for some PPCers out there, if the ghosts and goblins don’t have them spooked, the thought of client onboarding for a new PPC project might!  But fear not, building a new client’s PPC campaign doesn’t have to be a scary process if you know the right questions to ask.

Aside from the regular who, what, where, when, why and how’s, below are 5 questions that our PPC team at 435 Digital has found helpful in getting to know new clients and the SCARE that each of these questions can avoid in the account building process.

435 Digital Pumpkin Carving

435 Digital Pumpkin Carving

1.   What is your current understanding or background in PPC?

SCARE:  Vampires have nothing on a client being in the dark on what’s going on with their PPC campaigns.  Yes, they have hired you as the expert to build and manage their PPC account but in order for the client to trust you with their hard-earned advertising budget, make sure they have an understanding of the work you are doing for them.  Whether they have 5 years of experience advertising using PPC or hardly know what PPC stands for, it is important to uncover this in the initial meeting so you can be prepared to accurately communicate the information going forward.

2.  Do you have any other advertising material you can share?

SCARE:  It was really embarrassing last year when 435 Digital’s own Rich Funk dressed up like Walter White from Breaking Bad but when he lost his mustache everyone thought he was Howie Mandel.  Ok, that didn’t really happen, but the point is it could be very embarrassing if you start writing ad copy for a client that doesn’t accurately reflect their brand.  Going through their existing advertising and branding material will help you understand what their business is all about and will help you develop brand distinction within your ad copy.

3.  Who do you see as your top 3 competitors?  What do you do better than anyone else?

SCARE:  There is nothing you can say that would offend a Zombie more than that “they all look alike”. What you will find when asking this question to a new client is that their answer isn’t always what you expect.  Generally, who they see as their competition and who you might assume is their competition is different.   Don’t stop at simply asking who their competitors are either.  Make sure you leave the meeting with an understanding of what your client can do better than their competition.

4.  What is the most profitable product or service your company provides?  Is there any particular aspect of your business you would like to focus on?

SCARE:  Pumpkins are all the rage in October, but for the mom and pop vegetable shop the money is really made when they sell a DIY pumpkin pie kit.  If you didn’t uncover this information in an initial meeting with the client you could have missed a major ROI opportunity for them.  This can also help you determine how much budget to allocate to a specific campaign to start.

5.  Are there any stereotypes about your industry you are trying to distinguish yourself from (Any Trademark or legal issues we should be aware of)?

SCARE:   It is a popular assumption that Witch’s Brewing Company only makes wine so without asking this question, you would have never known that they would rather be known for their Wart’s Breath Beer.  This is something you can then build your account and write ad copy around.  It is also good to be aware of any Trademark or legal issues to try to avoid any unnecessary adversity once the account is live.

With these 5 questions along with your standard who, what, where, when, why, how’s, client onboarding for a PPC project won’t be so scary.  Your coworker’s wreck of a costume, however, is a SCARE you can’t avoid.