When I worked as an in-house SEO I had trouble getting clients over to various review platforms. Although clients were happy with our services, they had trouble tracking down review sites and rating our business. We tried coupons, begging, extortion, and came pretty close to kidnapping.  We finally resorted to emailing direct links straight to the client, making the process hassle free.

Since then, I’ve come across a few interesting and effective tactics. The one I’ll share here is easy to maneuver if you are running a WordPress site.

I’ve found that as Google Plus becomes increasingly viable as a review outlet, it’s important to push clients to use it as often as possible. However, sharing the URL of the Local page with customers and clients proved difficult. It’s no secret that Google Plus Page URLs aren’t very user friendly. Example: https://plus.google.com/u/0/104968022087722065454/about.

The first order of business to increase Google Plus reviews was setting up hyperlink buttons on our site to indicate where they would take users (Yelp, Google Plus). I used an Htaccess redirect of the business URL to the Google Plus page. The standard redirect I use is .com/feedback, but this can be modified according to your preference.

Following the implementation of the redirect, I used paper handouts or business cards at the various business locations to prompt the client to leave a review. Handing out a simple business card with the familiar business URL works wonders in generating results. Furthermore, I can swap out where the redirect takes the user on the fly in order to manage various reviews for a brand. For example, if a business is lacking in Yelp reviews, I can swap out the target URL in the redirect and my users will be sent to a different platform.

Here is an example site that uses this method of redirection: http://www.vsiveins.com/feedback