Whether it’s as simple as staying up to date on industry articles or a project as large as co-hosting Social Media Week Chicago, 435 Digital team members are encouraged to stay active in the industry we work in. Not only does it keep our team sharp, but it also ensures we are taking advantage of all the industry advancements and best practices for our clients.

As a way of staying “in the know” of everything PPC, every Tuesday at 11:00 AM Central Time a member of our Paid Search Team follows a Twitter conversation called PPCChat.

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Before I get too far in to the 5 W’s of PPCChat, let me explain what a Twitter chat is all about.  A Twitter chat is a conversation online through social media that follows a keyword using a hash tag.  In this case, the hash tag is #ppcchat and each week a moderator leads the chat, asking series of questions and encouraging responses from attendants.

How: Twitter chats can be accessed through Twitter by typing #ppcchat in the search box in the toolbar as you can see below:

 pppchat search general

Who:  The chat is led by Matthew Umbro, Director of Paid Search of Exclusive Concepts, James Svoboda, Partner and the CEO for WebRanking.com and Paul Kragthorpe, Search Manager for WebRanking.com.

What: A weekly chat on Twitter dedicated to discussing PPC topics within the Paid Search community.

Where: www.Twitter.com

When: Every Tuesday, 11:00 AM Central Time.

Why: The all-important question…

So now that you know more about the chat you’re thinking, “Cool, what’s in it for me?”  Whether you are just starting out with Pay Per Click, a seasoned pro or somewhere in the middle, here are my recommendations for getting the most out of #ppcchat:

The Beginner:

Don’t panic! Although this Twitter chat may seem intimidating at first glance, it can still provide a lot of value for you. If you are still learning the basics, I would recommend sitting in on #ppcchat in real time so you can try to follow the conversations. If you need clarification on a specific topic, don’t hesitate to ask a question. You may not be able to offer any opinions or join in on the conversation but you will be able to learn a thing or two. Take the time to follow the hash tag and make sure you have your mouse (or a pen and paper) ready to take notes on jargon you don’t understand, subjects you want to research more, suggested articles that come up in the chatroom, and industry people you want to follow. Seriously, write it down.

The Intermediate:

Ok, so you have a good understanding of PPC and have some experience running campaigns across different platforms. #ppcchat is a great opportunity to brush up on tactics you may often overlook or haven’t used in a while. It is also a healthy environment to debate best practices and learn different ways of thinking about the campaigns you are running. Following the Twitter chat on a weekly bases (or as much as you have time for) is not only beneficial for you but also for your client. It’s a way to get suggestions on useful paid search tactics and strategies from other professionals who already use them.

The Expert:

Even if you have been in the business since the dawn of paid search, the same take-aways as the beginner and the intermediate can be true for you. Beyond that, #ppcchat can also be an opportunity to establish yourself as a leader in the PPC community, share articles you have written, or maybe even meet your next employee.

The biggest objection you may have to attending a weekly chat is that you may not be able to afford an hour in the middle of the day, week to week in a chatroom. Unfortunately, this is often the case for me. However, each chat is accessible on the website later when you can spare the time.

Much like anything else in your PPC career (or campaign), the more you put into it the more you get out of it so if you are looking to stay up to date in the ever-changing world of Paid Search, jump into a #ppcchat.