Dear AdWords users,

We’ve all had a very good relationship with Google and AdWords for years now. Their support and innovation has helped us expand and refine our paid search accounts year after year. Every new update added tools to help all search maketers get ahead.

And then Google Enhanced Campaigns came along.

The reaction was decidedly mixed, moreso than any other AdWords update I’ve seen. For the first time in as long as many of us can remember, Google was taking away functionality without giving us something comparable back in return. Do you have a mobile-only account? Not anymore, because mobile bids are now a multiplier of mandatory desktop bids. Do you target tablets separately from desktops? Too bad if you do, because Enhanced Campaigns lump them together.

The lead up to Enhanced Campaigns launching reminded me of what happens every time Facebook makes an update. Things aren’t the same anymore and as a user, you have no choice but to go along with it. Thousands and thousands of status updates and blog posts appear crying for Facebook to “SWITCH BACK TO THE OLD WAY OF DOING THINGS BECAUSE IT’S BETTER!”

In a lot of cases, it’s not that the old way is better. The old way is just the way that we’re all used to. We don’t like change. And in the cases where the old way actually was the better way for some users, it’s frustrating because no one wants to be dragged kicking and screaming into using a lesser product.

But you know what else happens? We all get used to it. We all figure out how to use the new functionality in the best way we can because we have no choice.

And that’s what we’re all going to do. The fact that we have no choice but to go along with Enhanced Campaigns is beside the point, because the changes have already happened.

And you know what the best part is? Things are going to get WAY better. AdWords users are smart and creative. Even if Enhanced Campaigns restrict something you were already doing in your accounts, you’ll figure out a better way to do what you need to do. This is an opportunity to mix things up. This is an opportunity to show why you’re (hopefully) getting paid the big bucks to run paid search for a client.

For the most part, the most creativity we get to show is in 25/35/35 characters in an ad, something that hasn’t changed in the career of most PPC specialists. Now’s the chance to use Enhanced Campaigns to your advantage.

True, you have no choice but to roll with the Enhanced Campaign punches. But instead of crying foul, use this as a call to arms and figure out the next way you’ll be able to stay one step in front of your competitors.

Some people already have a head start on those who waited on upgrading their accounts to Enhanced Campaigns. You can read Google’s case studies to learn more. Even here at 435 Digital, Enhanced Campaigns have been a big hit. We’ve rolled out new offer extensions to two of our clients, and both have seen a 29.02% jump in click through rate and a 17.34% jump in conversions. Instead of having to use up an entire ad’s copy with an offer, we can now place that offer into an extension instead. This frees up the actual ad copy for a longer call to action and value proposition. Take a look at the ad below:

Google Enhanced Campaigns

Instead of having to take up most of the ad copy promoting the 50% off offer, the ad copy can be used to advertise another value proposition (free shipping) and the offer is still included. Plus, the more real estate you can take up on the results page, the better!

Don’t forget that in Enhanced Campaigns, extensions are your best friend. There’s no reason not to try every extension available to you, because the worst thing that can happen is that they don’t work. And if that’s the case, you can take them down or change them up again. Even if certain extensions don’t benefit your account, you’re no worse off than you were prior to using them. And the potential for increasing traffic is huge and completely customizable.

I feel like this should end with a “They can take our targeting settings, but they can never take our freedom” joke, but I felt so lame just typing that out that I think it’s best to just sign off here.

Good luck,