On June 20th, Instagram released video functionality for their users. Have you tested it out yet? Some consider this update the most significant move since Facebook bought the online photo-sharing company over a year ago. Many people were asking how exactly video on Instagram would fit into social strategy, or even their Instagram strategy, both personally and for brands. Would video disrupt the sophistication of the Instagram experience? Were there going to be filters on video? How will this compare to the recently rising Vine?

Video on Instagram video did it right. The launch facts speak for themselves.

  • If you were to sit down and watch all of the videos uploaded to Instagram in just the first eight hours, it would take you an entire year.
  • In the first 24 hours of video on Instagram, users uploaded a total of 5 million videos.
  • The peak time when users were posting video came when the Miami Heat won the NBA championship. At this point, users were uploading 40 hours of video per minute.

Instagram Video

Video on Instagram was an easy transition for users. It is conveniently located within the same app you most likely already use. While scrolling through your feed, a video will only play if you pause on the image long enough. While Vine only allows a 6 second clip, video on Instgram users can upload up to a 15 second video clip – that’s 2.5 times longer. Video on Instagram also allows you to delete the most recent clip you shot. That is not an option on Vine, you would need to start over. Instagram video allows you to add filters to your videos. There were 13 new filters that were developed by a video artist. You also have the ability to add hashtags and comments before sharing with others. All of these features make Instagram video extremely user friendly.

The big question remains how brands will adapt to the Instagram video addition. Since the launch, less than a month ago, big names are off to the races. Instagram stated that “many notable celebrities used the video function including Justin Beiber, Jimmy Fallon, Kobe Bryant, Kendall Jenner and Zooey Deschanel. Many businesses have also posted videos on Instagram, such as the San Francisco 49ers, Bon Apetit Magazine, Cisco, eBay, ESPN, MTV, and the NBA.” General Electric (GE) is another big name brand that is seeing results from its first few Instagram videos – seeing 5x the usual engagement on its new video posts. They share the majority of their information on Facebook and Twitter, so it made sense to automate its video content to those platforms also.

Do you find yourself engaging more with brands videos on Instagram? Do you like checking out your friend’s videos? Share your favorite videos with us in the comments.