Everyone who knows a thing or two about digital marketing knows that a website is the foundation for success. Driving any kind of traffic from various marketing efforts will eventually intersect with your website, and your business can’t afford to be less than impressive with the possibility of losing a customer. Considering the fast evolution of the internet, a business website could be updated every 2-3 years. Unfortunately, keeping up with the latest website trend is difficult without constant attention. For this reason, 435 Digital held a seminar program focused on answering the question of “Does Your Website Drive Business?”

The audience consisted of business owners, marketing managers, and PR professionals who all had different goals for attending the seminar. Some were interested in building a new website, while some wanted to advance their current website. Understanding these various goals, 435 Digital web experts Rob Huisingh and Nik Wenzel assembled a presentation that consisted of: Understanding Consumer Behavior, Successful Content Market, Website Management + CMS, and Mobile Website Optimization. Attendees left the seminar with fresh ideas to achieving a successful website, and fortunately left great reviews:

Great seminar today on how to promote your business through the Internet! Thanks a lot.

Nik Wenzel Presentation

A website, a social media page, a digital advertising campaign can all work independently to drive you business, but working together improves your chance for success exponentially. For this reason, the team at 435 Digital invites you to a full-day digital marketing bootcamp on Thursday, August 8th. Below are the topics that will be covered:

Social Media Marketing

  • Optimizing your Social Media Profiles
  • Creating Engaging Content
  • Find & monitor conversation about your business
  • Building an audience that generates business

Search Engine Optimization

  • Defining Goals of SEO
  • Core On-Page SEO Concepts
  • SEO best practices
  • Multichannel optimization

Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

  • Understanding & using ‘Enhanced Campaigns’
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Successful keyword research & reporting

Website Development

  • Understanding Consumer behavior
  • Website content strategy
  • Optimal platform/CMS usage
  • Mobile friendly design

Typically I finish these types of upcoming seminar blogs with “If your business wants to improve in this area…”, but it is no longer a matter of wanting to improve. Your business needs to improve or it will miss out on opportunites. Constant understanding and evaluation of your overall digital presence is needed to be successful, and our team is here to teach you how. Register for the Bootcamp before July 19th, and receive a 10% discount using the code ‘TRIBUNE’