Social Media Marketing is defined as the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. Unfortunately, that definition does not provide insight into how a business accomplishes this intangible idea. A few weeks ago at 435 Digital, our goal was to provide that insight with a two-hour seminar focusing on Social Media for Your Business. 435 Digital’s social media specialist Joan Daluga and I shared 10 Secrets to Facebook – easy to digest and applicable to all levels of social media experience.

If you couldn’t make it to our seminar, that is unfortunate. We are feeling generous and wanted to share one of our 10 Facebook secrets that could help your business.

Social Media Marketing Secret #7: Engaged Is More Than a Marital Status


Your business has embarked on the Facebook journey and is now trying to build an audience. Strategies to do this are continuously evolving, and you can barely keep up with everything. Reaching an arbitrary number of ‘Likes’ might be your goal, which could be accomplished through natural content or paid advertising, but we would advise to dive deeper into what determines success.

What is the difference between one business fan page with 10,000 ‘Likes’ with 100 people ‘Talking about this’ and another business fan page with 1,000 ‘Likes’ and 100 people ‘Talking about this’? Engagement. The first page has 1% fan engagement ; the other has 10%. This scenario gives perspective that ‘Likes’ should not be your only measure of success.

No matter what size business you have or resources for social media you possess, it is critical to measure the success of your Facebook efforts by the engagement you create with your fans.

It does not matter what your business goals are — sales, community involvement, education, etc. If you do not create mutually beneficial interaction with your fans, then you will never be successful. Focus your precious time on creating compelling content that matters to your fans.

Easier said than done, I know, but take a look at your Facebook insights, or whichever analytics platform you use, and identify the day you had a spike in engagement. Unless you had outside influence from other marketing touch points (Press Release, Blog, Direct Mailer, etc.), the content produced on that specific day should indicate what peaks your audience’s interest. Use this understanding to mix in similar content throughout the next month. At the end of the month, revisit the analytics to start the cycle again. Engagement should be your focus. The rest will follow.

Whew. That was just one secret! The team at 435 Digital is full of valuable information that we want to share with your business. Next week we would like to not only share digital marketing insights with you, but actually help you implement them in a hands-on Paid Search workshop. Our Paid Search team led by Rich Funk will walk you through the following topics in a classroom style.

  • Set up your Google AdWords account
  • Complete keyword research to know what terms to bid on
  • Understand and create the correct account structure
  • Learn to write ad copy that leads to conversions
  • Target the customers in your market

We understand digital marketing. It’s what we do. If your business needs to start or advance your digital marketing presence, please let us know because we are here to help. Our 435 Digital Seminars are a great place to start understanding the iceberg of digital marketing information.