Research paper. Marathon training. Your Paid Search campaign.

Whether or not you can remember the topic of your college thesis paper or the first long run of your marathon training, can you recall what the hardest part was? Most people would say it was the beginning. If this is the reason you’re procrastinating with starting your PPC campaign, you’re in the right place.

You’ve gotta start somewhere. That’s the expression right? With writing a paper or running a marathon, this is precisely the problem – where to start. Learning PPC is no exception.

If you initiate a Google search of “paid search” or “PPC (Pay Per Click)” you will find a limitless amount of information surrounding the subject. In trying to learn the basics of paid search, it is often difficult to pinpoint the useful educational resources.

Before you waste hours of research on pages and pages of industry jargon and advanced tactics, you need to know where to begin with your PPC campaign.

Luckily at 435 Digital, our PPC team has been through it all and can offer a few tips to begin.

Google It
After reading this post, simply type “paid search” and “PPC” in the search engine of your choice. Familiarize yourself with basic terminology and concepts.

Find a Resource that Fits Your Learning Style
A few resources we recommend that are beginner friendly are:

Do Not Overcomplicate the Information
Get the basics down, and build from there. Wasting your time on advanced material will be frustrating and time consuming.

Start With a Client in Mind
Whether this is your own company, a fictional company you invent as an example, or a real client, have a client in mind when building an account.

Take It Step-By-Step
Choose a resource that lays out a step-by-step process and follow it. Seriously. Pause the recorded webinar or bookmark the page after the “how to set up an account” chapter and set up your own account. Without practical application of the information, you will be memorizing words on a screen rather than grasping concepts.

Set Up an Adwords Account
Even if you decide never to use this first account you build, take the time and effort to set up an Adwords account and start learning the structure. You don’t have to be worried about it actually showing up online as long as you do not put any credit card information into the account. You will find that you pick up on concepts a lot more quickly when you have a reference point.

Ask for Help
Get on LinkedIn, get on Twitter, or ask a coworker or friend for help. If a picture is worth a thousand words, an hour with a PPC professional is worth a hundred hours in wasted energy reading advanced material. 435 Digital also offers seminars to provide businesses in the Chicagoland area with a foundation of PPC knowledge to create a successful paid search strategy.