The first quarter of 2013 is officially over, and it did not go slowly in the world of digital marketing. Facebook has beta-released its new Graph Search, as well as its newest mobile interface – Facebook Home. Google is adding exciting features to their Adwords platform with Call Extensions, in addition to the new Enhanced Campaigns feature.


If you are not working within these digital platforms on a daily basis, the changes can often be overwhelming. Fortunately, in addition to providing digital marketing services, the 435 Digital team strives to educate the business community about ongoing changes in digital marketing and the necessary strategies to be successful through ongoing seminars. These seminars are a mix of lively informative presentations, as well as engaging discussions with real business owners.

On April 3rd Joan Daluga and I led a two-hour Introduction to Social Media Marketing seminar with an eager group of business owners. Both Joan and I were able to interact one-on-one with each of the attendees, but Derrick Gillard of The Fashion Buddha was willing to answer a few questions after the seminar about his experience.

1. What did your business look to achieve at the Introduction to Social Media Seminar on April 3rd?

I didn’t know what to expect, really. I was open to the experience, and I was not disappointed. I was warmly met by one of the speakers and immediately made to feel at home. I was just in a space of wanting to understand, and 435 Digital delivered the whole package!

2. How did 435 Digital’s presentation resonate?

I love to communicate with all people and I feel a sense of loss when I cannot do so effectively. The tips, techniques, and social etiquette that were provided by Joan and Austin really resonated with me in helping me with what I love the most – effective and positive communication.

3. Would you recommend 435 Digital Seminars to other business owners?

Yes, I would recommend the presentations by 435 Digital to other business owners!

Developing a business can be a challenge. You are constantly wearing different hats and changing masks, depending on what you are seeking to accomplish for that day. I felt first-hand the concern and the desire to help me build my brand and I was able to sit in a one-on-one with one of the presenters to laser in on my specific needs, goals, and aspirations. You can’t find that type of commitment much anymore. Thank you, 435 Digital.

As 435 Digital moves forward with upcoming seminars, feedback like Derrick’s pushes us to continue providing the highest quality of content and value. With a deep understanding of many industries, our team can relate the value and strategies of digital marketing to your business needs.

If your business needs to polish-up or jump-start its digital marketing strategy, 435 Digital seminars are for you. Upcoming seminar topics include SEO, Website Development, and Google Analytics. Interested in one or all of those? Use the discount code “435BLOG” to receive 10% off your registration fee.