Repurpose Content with Slideshare

In my last blog post I provided an introduction, definition and guide to one of the hottest topics in the B2B Marketing space: Content Marketing. In that post titled Content Marketing: The Engine that Drives B2B Marketing I noted that you’ll want to consider ways to repurpose existing content to make it more useful; more easily understood or simply more interesting, and that’s true. But there’s another reason to repurpose your content.

Why Repurpose Content?

Let’s use the Content Marketing blog article as an example. We took the time to research and write the article, and then we made sure it contained the right key words so it would help us for search. We posted the article on our blog, shared it on Facebook, Twitter and via LinkedIn. But maybe you missed it or maybe you’re just not the kind of person who likes to read blog posts.

There are people who would rather watch a video or quickly scan a slideshow, and repurposing the content simply means we take that blog article and create something new, like a PowerPoint Presentation. By way of demonstration we created a Power Point Presentation based on the blog post.

But what can we do with a presentation that will allow us to reach more people? We can use Slideshare!

What is Slideshare?

SlideShare is an online community where you can share PowerPoint, PDF, Video and Webinar presentations. And the site gets an amazing 60 million visitors a month, which ranks it as one of the 200 most visited websites on the internet.

By posting our new PowerPoint Presentation on Slideshare, we offer our potential clients a new way to interact us, we get a second use for the work we put into researching and writing the article, and we expand our reach to the 60 Million visitors slideshare has.

A Quick Overview of Slideshare:

  • Upload PowerPoint, Video and PDF presentations
  • Search for and View presentations
  • Share your presentations on Twitter, Facebook and Link
  • Embed your Presentations on your blog or in your website
  • Create your own Channel just like on YouTube
  • Slidecast: sync your slideshows with sound

Here is an example of a slideshare presentation summarizing content marketing.