Social Media Classes

Social media is a blessing and a curse for most business owners. Done right, social media can bolster leads, help shape your brand voice, and gain you a great deal of exposure. Done wrong, social media can be downright ineffective or even blow up into a PR nightmare, depending on the situation. While you may know how to use your own personal social media profiles to communicate with friends and family, running a social media profile for a business is a different story and may require that you take a few social media classes.

Here at 435 Digital, we see a lot of different mistakes made on social media profiles run by business owners and their staff. We’ve gathered some of the common ones here and will be running through them Jeff Foxworthy-style.

You Know You Need Social Media Classes When…

1. Your business Twitter account is packed full of your personal Foursquare check-ins – You figured out how to link the two accounts, which turned out to be a bad idea for your business account. Very few people care to get constant updates about where you like to eat when they are trying to get info about your business.

2. You often mistakenly post personal updates on your business’ Facebook page – it’s easy to do if you’re the admin and can lead to some pretty unprofessional updates. Things you rant about to your close network of friends may not be what you want potential customers seeing.

3. You have 5 posts on a random Tuesday and none again until two weeks later – nothing screams spam like posting a ton of updates all at once on the same day. Most people don’t want to hear from you much more than once a day, which is dependant on your audience size, type of business, etc. Understanding when to post and being consistent about it can really help build your following.

4. You’ve never heard of Pinterest – Pinterest drives a lot of traffic these days. If you’ve never heard of this social media platform, it’d be a great idea to seek out a social media class to learn how it can be used to benefit your business.

5. You’ve gotten into arguments with customers on your social media profiles for all to see – When people post unflattering commentary on your social media profiles, it’s easy to want to respond and defend yourself. This is usually a terrible idea and can do a lot to harm your brand identity online. Learning how to handle criticism on your social media profiles can help you diffuse these types of situations and show your customers that you believe in good customer service.

Social media shouldn’t just be something that you do because you think you should. It should be something you do because you want to reach out to customers and create a community around your business. Using the right strategy and better understanding how to navigate the various social media platforms can lead to stronger branding for your business and increase your digital marketing leads.

To wrap things up, we have a few tips for anyone interested in attending a social media class:

  • Take advantage of the knowledge of the instructor and ask questions.
  • Take notes! You’ll likely need to review what you learned as you develop your social media strategy.
  • Network with the other attendees and learn more about how they’re using social media to grow their businesses.
  • If everything seems overwhelming and beyond what you want to deal with, don’t panic. You can always hire a digital marketing agency to help you get the most from your social media efforts.

If you’re interested in scheduling a social media training session with our experts, call us today at 855-687-6397. We cater our training for everyone from small to large businesses and would be interested to hear more about what you struggle with when using social media for your business.