Chicago Paid Search Management

Paid Search management tools are ever-changing in an attempt to keep up with the rising needs of agencies to supply their clients with advanced reporting metrics and superior management tools. It should be no surprise to learn that Google is at the forefront of making sure that their PPC management tool, DoubleClick Search, is up to par with everything agencies need to keep clients happy. A few of our team members were fortunate enough to be invited to a Google DoubleClick Search roundtable dinner last night, where Chicago area thought leaders came together to discuss DoubleClick Search in its present form and where it’s headed next.

DoubleClick’s senior product leads ran us through several demos to show off some of the newer features to address three of the over-arching goals for the tool:

1. Increased Efficiency

Google mindset has always been to make their products easy to use and as efficient as possible. Whether you’re interested in overviews or you want to dive deep into your data, DoubleClick provides advanced automation options and better bulk operations to make PPC management more efficient. The demo we were shown covered some of the ways that the tool helps to define processes and clean up workflow. Specifically, we were given a closer look at the automated rules options and an overview of how inventory management is made more simple for retail clients using Google Merchant Center data within DoubleClick Search. If you’re a big Google Merchant Center fan, this feature is extremely beneficial for you and something that few other paid search management tools can provide at this time.

2. Reporting

Google’s goal with report is to present data in a more consumable way and gear it to help agencies achieve the highest ROI possible for clients. If you’re at all familiar with Google Analytics, you know that Google gives you several options to visualize the metrics. Recent updates to DoubleClick Search provide almost real time conversion info, making you able to react to the performance of your paid search campaigns almost instantly, if needed.

3. Unified Platform

DoubleClick Search has also been focused on creating cross channel solutions between search and display. For remarketing fans, DoubleClick Search features search to display remarketing tools, increasing your ability to reach customers who have already shown some interest in your products or services.

Chicago PPC Management

It was great to see just how mindful Google is of what their customers think about their products, and that they took the time to hear the suggestions and concerns of Chicago paid search marketing agencies. A delicious dinner at Trump Tower didn’t hurt either.