SERP, or SERPS, stands for Search Engine Results Page or Pages. Essentially, a SERP is the web page that is displayed when you search for something in Google your favorite search engine.

These results pages typically consist of at least 2 types of results, typically paid search results, and organic results.

Here is a beautifully designed graphical representation of a SERP, followed by some quick descriptions of what we are looking at.

SEO terminology SERP


Search Phrase

This is the phrase whose results are being displayed currently. There are 1,190,000,000 or so results for the example term “Chicago”.


Paid Search Results

These results are where Google makes a major portion of its billions every year. More than 75% of Googles profits are generated selling paid listings like these. Users can identify the paid listings on the SERPs because they are typically displayed with a colored background at the top of the page, though there are also adverts that will display along the right hand side of the page.


Organic Results

This is where the results are returned that are derived from Googles organic search algorithm. These results will often show local results as well, which are displayed when the searcher adds a local modifier to the search query. In this case, if the searcher had searched for “Chicago Sushi” instead of just “Chicago” they would have likely had a series of Google Local results before the normal organic results. These are easily indentified by their having a pin next to them, and the address where the business can be found.