Instagram Photo of Tribune

What Instagram Can Do for your Online Marketing

Does your brand have a presence on Instagram? Are you missing out on 80 million active users by not being on it? Instagram is an Internet-based program that allows people to share pictures with others for free. Users upload pictures they take from their iPhones and Android devices onto the Internet using the Instagram app. It allows users to apply a series of filters to their photos in order to create a vintage look for their images that resembles a Polaroid.

Photos are a key element, if not the main component, to a successful marketing campaign. Instagram has become an effective marketing tool because companies can quickly build brand recognition and consumer loyalty through photos. It is an easy way to show your product and company. Even the catchiest copy cannot grab the customer’s attention better than an eye-catching photo. A company may be able to attract new customers and raise the level and quality of shared photos about a brand.

Below are a few ways Instagram can help take your marketing to the next level.

· Quick and easy way to promote your goods and services.

· The days of boring stock images are through and it’s all about creative and live snapshots. You want to make sure you avoid exhaustion and keep your photos fresh. Experts recommend posting three to four times per day. Be sure to avoid posting the same picture twice and too much self-promotion. There are ways to push yourself out there, but with a twist.

· Discover how you are pictured as a company.

· Instagram encourages the use of hashtags, just as Twitter does. As a brand you can search for how customers are portraying your company by simply clicking on ‘Explore’ and then ‘Hashtags’. When you search, you’ll learn a few things about your brand. The first items you’ll notice are which hashtags are the most popular and most frequently used when talking about your brand. Second, you’ll get to see what kind of content your community is already posting and what kind of photos will resonate with them.

· Host photo contests.

· Photo contests on Instagram can be a free way to attract, interact with and convert potential customers. Try launching a photo-of-the-day campaign to keep followers coming back to see to the page. Keep followers interest and ask them to submit captions for the photos. In this free marketing tactic, you can ask people to take pictures and publish them with your hash tag. You can also lead them to your website, like your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter and other social networks.

· Creative event marketing.

· What better way to promote a major event than with fun photos? Have a dedicated Instagram photographer at your event. The photographer can snap photos of the guests at your event, giving them a reason to follow your Instagram account on the spot. Be sure to continue using your Instagram account between events to entice your followers to stay active on your account and to encourage them to attend another event.

Looking to build positive press about your brand or company? Get your brand on Instagram and start providing visual proof of just how great you are.