Wednesday morning’s session was packed, and featured some SEO heavy hitters, inluding:

  • Moderator: Dana Todd, Vice President of Performance Innovation, Performics
  • Bruce Clay, President, Bruce Clay, Inc.
  • Dan Cristo, Director of SEO Innovation, Catalyst Online
  • Andrew Delamarter, Director of Search Marketing, HUGE, Inc.
  • Anne F. Kennedy, SES Advisory Board; International Search Strategist, Author, Beyond Ink USA

This session was in Q & A format, and included the role of the SEO practitioner, big data, the knowledge graph, the role of apps, social media, links, and local.

Regarding the changing role of SEO, the panel generally agreed that SEOs are becoming more “quarterbacks” for their organizations. A lot of traditional SEO tactics are starting to go away or have less value, such as link building. That relationship building may be better handled by the Public Relations or Social Media folks. As a result, the SEO needs to be an evangelist for best optimization practices. Social, PPC, and SEO need to work effectively together now more than ever.

When asked for practical solutions that can be implemented now, the panel offered the following items:

  • Implement structured data utilizing (Anne)
  • Get active with Google+ and link your profiles to all your content. (Andrew)
  • Develop a native app, and build it with an API so your data can be accessed (there will soon be a for aps). (Dan)
  • Beef up your team w/ developers & data/analytics folks. For non-technical staff, hire folks who have experience with content marketing & PR. (Dan)
  • Focus on quality. Clean up your backlinks. Get rid of anything marginal. (Bruce)