Thom Craver at SES Chicago

The Web Analytics Dive Deep session on Thursday afternoon was presented by Thom Craver (@ThomCraver). This session focused primarily on how to use Google analytics to tell stories about visitors on your website, especially from the perspective of someone who does a lot of email campaigns.

There are ways in Google Analytics to track clicks from various campaigns, primarily email campaigns. Use Google URL Builder to create custom URLs for each link that you put in your campaign. Thom used a good example from an email from the Obama campaign, where each of the three calls to action in the email had a different custom URL so that they could be tracked. That way the Obama campaign would know which of their calls to action were working better for which people, not just if that email in general was converting people.

When it comes to telling customer stories and teasing information out of data, ask yourself some of these questions:

  • Which segment (20%) of visitors is providing the most (80%) conversions?
  • The most revenue?
  • The most profit?

These three areas aren’t necessarily the same, and by asking yourself these questions, you might be able to increase your profit a lot while only having to raise conversions by a little.

All in all, it was a fairly interesting session, especially for companies who do a lot of email marketing. Even for those who don’t, it was good to get some tips on how to start segmenting website visitors in order to better understand them.