Evan Bailyn (@ineffable111) stands for doing what’s right when it comes to producing and publishing content on the web. At his SES Chicago presentation “Building a Massive Customer Base through Content-Driven SEO,” he frequently suggested that when you are in the middle of writing content, adding links, pursuing in-bound links, and all of the stuff that might get you noticed on the web, just imagine Matt Cutts from Google sitting next to you. Are you comfortable with what you’re doing? Is it honest, legitimate, and real?

Google’s Panda and Penquin updates over the past couple of years essentially are trying to make the web a more welcome place for real people. Shortly after the Panda update, Evan’s own company watched site visits drop. However, at the same time, they watched engagement go up. Fewer people were visiting the site, but the people who did visit were engaged. That’s both a more valuable audience for the business and a better experience for the user.

The Evan Bailyn Foundation

The importance of quality over quantity is consistent everywhere you go to place content. Make sure what you’re writing is genuine and offers true value to people.

Write as much as possible to the point where you are always offering high value, and don’t write beyond that. Be genuine. In the long run, the quality of interactions for businesses and customers will reflect the value of your content, and the value of your content will be validated by search engines — which leads to high-quality interactions and engagement.