image torpedo social media campaign

The main goal of any good social media campaign, obviously, is attract people to your brand page, not to cause them to run screaming in the other direction as fast as humanly possible. Unfortunately, that’s what many inexperienced community managers end up doing. Certain mistakes can sink any social media campaign, no matter how good the underlying concept.

Avoid these four no-nos to keep your social media campaign flying high:

Don’t Overpost Social Media Messages

While it may be tempting to flood follower’s timelines with posts and status updates singing the praises of your brand, there’s no quicker way to turn people off. In fact, in a Facebook posting study, 44% of Facebook users listed overposting as the main reason for unliking a brand.

The best rule is to post when you have something to say, not when you feel the need to say something. For most brands, this means no more than once a day, and possibly as little as 2-3 times per week. While fewer tweets and Facebook updates flies in the face of what many brand managers think they should be doing, study after study has shown that, when it comes to social media marketing, less is more.

Don’t Post Sloppy Social Content

Fewer things make a brand page look less professional than pixelated photos, extraneous links, and spelling or grammatical errors. Before you push out a post or tweet, take a moment to make sure that everything is clean, spelled correctly, and reflects the image your brand wants to convey. An additional ten seconds of proofreading goes a long way.

Don’t Refuse to Engage Social Media Followers:

It’s called social media for a reason: the conversation you have with your followers is supposed to be a two-way street. Nothing turns customers off faster than feeling ignored and under-valued by a brand.

Take a few moments each day to check your brand’s Facebook messages and wall posts, as well as Twitter direct messages and interactions, and to respond in a courteous and timely manner. Don’t make the mistake one international brand did – they ignored their customers for so long, their official Facebook page has now become a place for disgruntled customers to share war stories about bad service and shoddy merchandise.

Don’t Forget To Provide Benefit to Followers

Let’s face it: the times, they are a-changing. Facebook users’ timelines are flooded with brand posts, all vying for a customer’s attention. In order to make the cut (and stay in a customer’s timelines), brands need to offer their customers something of value. These days, that usually means one of three things: 1) Startlingly interesting content; 2) Hysterically funny content; or 3) Discounts. If you can make it work, shoot for all three. Before you post, take a moment to ask yourself what value your post is adding to a customer’s life. Will it make them smile? Teach them something they didn’t know? Get them something for less than they would normally? If not, think twice about whether you really want to hit that post/Tweet button.