Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords in SEO are the keywords or phrases that are unique to a given business, or specific industry. Long tail keywords are typically easier to rank for in SEO, as there is less cross over between various industries vying for similar keywords. For example, numerous verticals compete for the keyword “tool,” but there are less competing for the more specific term “Dremel Planing Tool.” Therefore “Dremel Planing Tool” the long tail term would be a more accessible keyphrase.

Head Term
Head Term

Long Tail Term
long tail keyword

As a more detailed example, I once worked for a company that sold premium loose leaf teas. There are 4-5 major companies in the loose leaf tea industry who dominate the rankings for the majority of the most desirable keywords, with medium and smaller shops competing for a couple of big terms a piece. The big terms were obvious, like “Buy loose tea”, “Buy Tea Online”, “English Breakfast” etc. While we did rank for couple of solid high traffic keywords, the terms that we made a big chunk of our traffic and conversions off were more specific and often unique to our shop. For example, “Rooibos Vanilla,” a type of herbal tea flavored with vanilla beans, was one of our best performing keywords, and it’s a long tail term.

Long tail keywords are important to identify because they typically provide higher quality traffic, since the users searching for these more specific phrases are typically more knowledgeable about a given vertical. Owning the top results of long tail keywords will make sure that you are claiming all the easy to convert specific traffic, because often there are only a few (if any) companies vying for the top results for these long tail terms.