For the life of me, I could not think of a way to tie in this post with Halloween. There just isn’t much that’s spooky about paid search (unless you’re doing it wrong). How about we both agree to pretend that I made an incredibly clever and original metaphor comparing conversion rates with mini Snickers bars and we’ll both move on. Sound like a plan?

However, Halloween can’t be completely ignored in the land of paid search. It’s a pretty important milestone marking only 2 months until your 2013 PPC plan goes into effect. If you’re in the process of ironing out the details, excellent. If you have yet to start…please do so immediately. Skip trick-or-treating tonight if you have to. Trust me, the world will keep spinning tomorrow without seeing your Gangnam Style costume.

The most important facet of PPC to factor into your 2013 plans is mobile. A lot of businesses might not put much budget or thought into mobile, or ignore it completely. This is very dangerous. According to Google’s estimates, mobile search traffic will surpass desktop search traffic some time in April of next year. If you’re not ready for mobile traffic, you may be losing half your audience.

Obviously the most important step is making sure you have somewhere to put that mobile traffic. If your website or form submission/purchase path is a complicated mess on a mobile phone, you need to fix this ASAP. Even if you don’t plan on running mobile PPC ads, users can still find your site on a mobile phone through either SEO or your Facebook page. it’s not up to you anymore how you want people to find you. We’re at the point where they’re going to dictate the terms of seeking you out in their own way.

If you’re not ready for that, you won’t need to dress up as a dinosaur for Halloween. You’ll already be one.