How many of you have already searched and read online reviews this morning? We’ve already lost count.

Here’s a quick look at what the team at 435 Digital is reading this morning:


Online reviews are so widely used and important to impressions that customers have of a business. Trustworthiness of reviews is good for both businesses and their customers.

Starting Thursday, whenever Yelp catches a business paying a customer or individual for a review, the site will flag that company’s page with a notice that reads, “We caught someone red-handed trying to buy reviews.” Consumers will even have the option to click on the alert and see the fake reviews.

“We want to make sure consumers are making informed decisions,” Yelp said in a blog post Thursday announcing the consumer alert labels. “Yelp’s automated review filter is working around the clock to flag these types of biased reviews, and we believe that you deserve the right to know when this type of activity is taking place behind the scenes.”

Yelp legitimate reviews

Just keep wowing your customers, and those excellent, legitimate reviews will keep coming.





Our SEO department is up on all of this excellent input and advice from Andre Weyher, previously part of Google’s Search team.

Andre Weyher, a former member of Google’s Search Quality team, sat down for an interview and gave some SEO advice. Most of his advice sounds like things that good SEOs should already know, like making sure that linkbuilding campaigns focus on a wide variety of website types and anchor text. But there was also some other interesting gems. For example, according to Wyher, one of the most important things you can do for your website is to make sure it has a good domain name. “Good domain names are expensive for a reason.” Other tips included thinking of a linkbuilding campaign as more of a relationship management campaign, and if you want to please Google with your SEO, don’t make it look like you’re trying to manipulate Google, but as though you’re just really passionate about whatever it is you do.

We’ll be chatting with Google over at their Chicago offices, but we won’t need anyone’s maps to find our way today.


And who doesn’t love a love story on a chilly morning? A man falls for Siri. You knew it was inevitable.

From the author of parody children’s book Goodnight iPad comes a charming new love story about a man who falls for Siri, the woman inside his iPhone.

Siri & Me: A Modern Love Story (Blue Rider Press) by David Milgrim follows a blogger named Dave, who — like many of us — spends the majority of his day in cyberspace. He’s developed a special infinity for voice-command software Siri, noting that she’s easier to talk to than any girl he’s ever met. Well, most of the time…

Siri Love Story