Our team at 435 Digital today has transportation covered. Some are traveling via planes, some via trains, and some in automobiles. Some came by bus, some on scooter. There’s no teletransporting yet!

Here’s a quick look at what the team at 435 Digital is reading this morning:


Our Social Media department is always on top of things and wants to share this 7 Hot Trends in Social Media Marketing nicely presented by Mashable:

As marketers’ understanding of online social networking evolves, their use of various platforms has become more sophisticated. Many brands and public figures, after ascertaining that consumers respond well to images and humor, for instance, have begun to use both. Others have found that new channels, like Pinterest and Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” section, are effective promotional tools. We’ve rounded up these and other emerging trends in the social media marketing space. . . .

Our favorite? Brands gain a sense of humor.

Social Media Marketing Trends 435 Digital





Here’s an infographic in case you have not enjoyed one yet today. From Ada Lovelace to Marissa Mayer: The Rise of Women in Tech

Did you know that Ada Lovelace, a computer scientist from England, is considered to be the first computer programmer? With her code-like language, she created a model for Charles Babbage’s analytical engine in the mid-1800s.

Nearly two centuries later, there are some very impressive women working in technology, such as Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. However, women still only make up just 25% of the workforce in STEM — that is, science, technology, engineering and mathematics — careers

This infographic takes a look at some of the brilliant ladies whose contributions to the STEM fields are an inspiration to all women — and men.

Women in Technology

This inspiring infographic was created by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).




And if you somehow missed the excitement that Felix Baumgartner provided the past couple of days, here’s some further analysis of what happened and what it means:

Here, in the midst of our safety-obsessed, earthbound, jaded culture, was a moment that took us out of ourselves, reminding at least eight million viewers who watched live (and millions more who caught it later) what it feels like to push the boundaries of the possible.

Space Jump Felix Baumgartner

Go out there and push boundaries today!