We’re kicking off another week at 435 Digital by hanging out and watching the filming of a Bollywood action flick outside our headquarters here at Tribune Tower. Our lives are glamorous indeed.

Here’s a quick look at what the team at 435 Digital is reading this morning:


Our Web Development department will be happy to see that Mashable has begun beating the drum on mobile development for small businesses:

With increasing numbers of consumers using mobile devices to make their holiday purchases, smartphones and tablet computers may be elbowing aside elves as Santa’s helpers this year, experts predict. But small businesses remain woefully unprepared to attract and engage these holiday shoppers, several new studies show. They’ve yet to climb aboard the mobile bandwagon.

Last year, consumers spent more than $20.7 billion shopping using mobile devices, according to a report from Javelin Strategy and Research. That figure is sure to swell this year, experts said.

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Though a mobile or responsive design site seems like a no-brainer in the age of the smartphone, most small-to-medium-sized businesses continue to plod along with sites that are not optimized for mobile viewing. So does your business need a mobile-optimized website? The answer is probably “yes.”


Getting pushback from the higher ups on the importance of search engine optimization? You’re in luck. Search Engine Watch tells you how to prove the value of SEO in ten minutes:

Convincing others of the importance of organic search and the need for SEO management has admittedly become easier over the years. Many have followed suit with competitors to jump into SEO endeavors to keep pace and many are coming to see that online organic ROI often times is much better than traditional marketing, is better targeted and easier to measure.

However, there remains a skeptical, more “old school” crowd, that still needs to be shown the need for organic search devotion. Whether you work for an agency trying to make a sale or on an in-house team tired of not drawing leads, taking a look at your Google Analytics data with this 10-minute drill down on what organic is doing for you can make a great impact.

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This terrific piece goes on to instruct the reader on how to answer all the usual and predictable arguments against SEO, including why organic search is important, why direct traffic isn’t the answer, and how to discuss conversion. And if YOU’RE not sold on SEO, you will be by the end of this article.


Finally, if you were rained in like we were yesterday, you undoubtedly spent part of your day glued to your television or laptop, watching a guy jump out of a really, really, really high balloon. Apparently, everyone was watching it, because Felix Baumgartner not only broke three freefall records yesterday, he also broke one of YouTube’s record:

It’s official: Felix Baumgartner’s jump from the edge of space broke a record for the “live stream with the most concurrent views ever on YouTube,” according to the video-sharing website.

At peak, there were more than 8 million concurrent live streams, YouTube said in a Sunday blog post. The jump was broadcast on Red Bull’s YouTube channel.

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What’s maybe most amazing about this particular record is that there were 8 million concurrent live streams on YouTube while the entire event was being shown live on the Discovery Channel. It looks like we’re quickly approaching the age when people are just as likely to click on a live stream as they are to flip on the TV.


Happy Monday!