If you manage social media for a nonprofit, you probably share one of the same problems as other nonprofits: you are not sure what to post about. Allow us to run some ideas by you to get your creativity chugging along. First remember that, when it comes to social media, it isn’t always about the hard sell. You can find many subtle ways to get your point across while still keeping your followers engaged.

One major way to get some engagement is to post behind the scenes photos to show off what you’re doing. If you didn’t already know, photos get the most traction on social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Google + or Pinterest. You want your fans to feel as if they are already a part of the organization (even if they aren’t yet). You also want them to know why they should donate/contribute to your nonprofit. The more behind the scenes material you post, the more the fans will know what really takes place within your organization. Candid photos will also help build a personal relationship with your followers. You can start by posting photos of volunteers at an event you are hosting.

image of social media for nonprofits

Another way to connect to social media fans is to provide them with the history of your organization. Your Facebook timeline makes it easy to backdate photos and specific happenings in the past. Dig into your archives and post up some historical photos to show how long you’ve been doing what you are doing.

While you don’t always want to toot your own horn, it is important that your Facebook page be a resource where fans can gain knowledge of your organization. This being said, any sort of press release, news article, blog post, etc. that is put out about your organization should be up on your Facebook page.

Engage your fans. Ask them questions about what type of content they would like to see on the page. Ask them their opinion on a pressing topic about your industry. The poll option on Facebook makes data collection a simple process.

Another way to engage your fans is to post testimonials or success stories. People love to hear what other people have to say about your organization. When looking into donating to an organization, it helps to know why others have chosen to support your cause.

Finally, you want your fans to know someone is listening. Do not let a statement go unanswered on your social media accounts. While you might not always agree with what the person has to say, it is good to address the comment. Be human, be funny. Post away!