Here at 435 Digital, we’re thinking about responsive design, social media, SEO, and dinner. So let’s talk about dinner. As long as you’re a meat eater, you can’t go wrong with a good chicken and salad, right? Here are some tips from Christopher Walken and Richard Belzer.

Walken and Belzer are quite adept at cooking the whole chicken and constructing a lovely salad. And their conversation includes some pithy quotes. Walken insightfully states that “tomatoes are a fruit.” Belzer says that “Citizen Kane is like the Last Supper.”

We have no idea who the assistants are, and their own skills are not demonstrated in this particular video, as one of them unsuccessfully tries to open a nice bottle of wine for the dinner.

There is some reminiscing of shooting a commercial where Walken – a child at the time – had to eat pancakes all day long. Sounds traumatizing! And then there’s an exploration of the two men’s noses.

Enjoy! And cheers to your own dinner experience tonight.