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Here’s a quick look at what the team at 435 Digital is reading today:


Thanks to comScore, we know what smartphone platform you’re using

comScore . . . released its latest U.S. mobile market rankings, covering usage by 30,000 consumers over a over a three-month period ending August 2012. . . . In that time, Samsung retained its position as the country’s most popular handset maker, covering both smartphones and feature devices, but its share actually remained flat, at 25.7% of all users, while Apple’s share grew the most and other top players declined. Google’s Android OS, meanwhile, solidified its position as the most dominant smartphone platform, now being used on nearly 53% of all smartphones..

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And what are people doing with their smartphones? 76% are sending text messages, 53% use downloaded apps, and 52% use the mobile browser. Those are the top three. Mobile browsing is in the top three. It’s time for all sites to be mobile optimized!


Are you using images in your email marketing? Maybe you should be.

UncommonGoods had been on the photo-sharing website Pinterest for about a year. The retailer of creatively designed goods thought Pinterest aligned well with its customer base.

“It’s a very visual, very art-and-design kind of world, which is a good parallel for the products we sell,” says Gabrielle Germaine, Associate Creative Director, UncommonGoods.

As spring approached, the company’s Pinterest profile had gained momentum. A growing number of people followed the brand and shared its content. The marketing team saw this as an opportunity to spur growth, and launched a contest.

UncommonGoods tried contests on the network before. However, the campaigns increased activity but did little to grow the audience. In response, the team tried something new: a dedicated email.

The team mentioned previous contests in emails, but it had never focused an entire message on one. With the email set, the team launched the contest in late June with good results:

•355 Pinterest followers added during the contest. This represents a growth rate about three times greater than the team’s average on the site

•About 200% more engagement with UncommonGoods on Pinterest over the same period

•17% higher open rate compared to an email sent on the same day a year earlier

•66% higher clickthrough rate than the email delivered a year earlier

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Click through to read exactly what the Uncommon Goods team did to get such amazing results. All hail images!


How often do you check Google’s algorithm changes?

The algorithm changes that Google announces are only a tiny fraction of the changes they are making. And if your site loses traffic on a day that Google announces a change, it’s possible that what Google announced isn’t what caused the drop.

The one question I am asked nearly every day is how can marketers keep up when the algorithms change all the time? And my answer is the same one as it has been since I started working for Google (and hasn’t changed since): Google’s algorithms are always evolving to better reach their goal of providing the best possible results for searchers. Focus on creating pages that are the best possible results for your audience and you’ll always be building to long term success in search.

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The takeaway? SEO is a daily discipline. Don’t wait for Google announcements to re-evaluate your strategy.


Happy Hump Day!