Have you considered what might happen if a website was entered into the Employee of the Month contest?

We aren’t expecting to see a picture of a URL hanging at the entrance of buildings any time soon, and we’re not downplaying the value of hard working employees. We will, however, make a case that a website could be one of your most valuable employees.

A good website is available to answer questions, field requests, and generally be of assistance 365 days a year. Even if we ignore sick days, vacation time and National holidays, it would take three full-time employees to provide the same coverage as a website. Even at minimum wage and not including benefits, this is a $45,000 value per year.

Additional Responsibilities

Even a relatively simple non-ecommerce website is routinely ready to undertake these additional responsibilities:

  • Be the First to Meet Most Potential Customers
  • Establish Credibility by Presenting a Clear Value Proposition
  • Engage People and Provide Timely Customer Service to their Requests
  • Reinforce Brand Identity by Making Direct Presentations
  • Qualify Leads, Build Trust and Help Close Sales
  • Assist Human Resources and Recruiting

Plus a website will perform all these duties simultaneously and without error.

Undervalued Employee?

What would you expect to pay if you were looking to hire a person who could perform these responsibilities? Given the above requirements, you’re not likely to find one person who could handle the work load an effective website will carry with ease.

At the same time, especially within medium to small sized businesses, budgets for websites are routinely less than the cost to hire even one minimum wage employee. This surely is a limiting factor on those companies’ bottom lines.

Successful businesses — both those with and without bricks and mortar — need to understand the inherent leveraged value of a website. They also are well advised to benchmark against their known competitors and carefully monitor how potential and existing clients interact with this amazing employee.

Breaking through the limited budget barrier for a website is essential.

Thinking in terms of a website-to-employee comparison can be a helpful exercise for people who are struggling with the idea of investing in an improved website.

So the next time you walk past the Employee of the Month plaque, remember your website and the leveraged value it represents. Not to mention that it rarely complains and almost never eats your favorite doughnut in the break room!