We’re halfway through Social Media Week here at 435 Digital. Don’t forget to stop by our panel later on today to hear us talk about all things digital marketing.  To help remind you, we’ve created this handy graphic:

While we prepare for our big afternoon. here’s a look at what we’re reading today
Our web development guru, Christy, is keeping tabs on touchscreen interfaces, which are sprouting up all over:

“Google has been sprucing up its Hangouts video calling service with an updated API for features like private messages, and the ability to block people and change a Hangout from private to public. A video celebrating Hangouts gives us a glimpse of even more changes that could be coming up ahead. . . .

— simplifying moves that could point to a more touchscreen-friendly version of Hangouts in the future.”

Over at Business Insider, they’re bemoaning the fact that Facebook took so long to get into ad retargeting:

… [I]n recent weeks, Facebook has begun selling ads in a new way that makes its massive inventory much more valuable—three times more valuable, according to one company buying the inventory and reselling it.

This new method is called re-targeting. It has been used by ad-sellers outside of Facebook for years now. 

Facebook, however, only began selling re-targeted ads this summer, when it opened something called the Facebook Exchange, better known as FBX in the industry. 

Happy Birthday to Firefox (web browser), who turns 10 years old this week! The first version launched on September 23rd, 2002. Time flies when you’re busy browsing the internet.

Check out these ten secret features of Apple’s iOS 6. While the maps could use some work, these other features are pretty cool, but not very well-known.

Need some help getting organized? Here are 13 free iPhone apps to help improve your productivity. Your co-workers will love you for it.

Finally, we leave you with this great bit of advice from Social Media Week Chicago:

“Trust your social media voice, and don’t be afraid of a mistake. Be transparent; people are human.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.