Social Media Week is off and running here in Chicago, and the 435 Digital team has been busy attending live events, networking, and hosting industry panels.  Monday, we kicked off our week by hosting “How to Make Facebook Ads Work for Your Business” on our home turf, Tribune Tower.

Senior Social Media Specialist Julie DiCaro moderated the panel, in which Paid Search Specialist Rich Funk, Account Manager Sarah Reid, and Social Media Specialist Joan Daluga dispensed their vast knowledge of Facebook Ads to a packed house. The 435 Digital Team walked the audience through the difference between various types of Facebook Ads, discussed best practices, and even gave advice on what might be going wrong when an ad ceases to be effective.

Highlights from the panel:

“Brands should be posting engaging content on a regular basis. If you don’t want to be social and interact with customers, don’t use Facebook or Facebook Ads.” — Sarah Reid

“There’s no point in spending money to direct people to a Facebook page that is collecting cobwebs.”  — Sarah Reid

“While Facebook is particular about the copy and images used in Facebook Ads, the Facebook representatives do have some discretion and not all ads are approved by the same person. If your ad gets denied the first time, re-submit it for approval in a week or so. It might get through.” — Joan Dalulga

“You want your ads to be able to run and not immediately run out of budget, so consider your bid price and targeting when you set up your ads. Don’t budget past what you’re comfortable with, as Facebook Ads can add up quickly if you’re not paying attention to your settings. If one ad is getting significant traction, you can always up the budget or re-allocate funds later on.” — Rich Funk

“In order to get a good sample size for ad testing, let your ads run for two weeks before you starting changing things up. But don’t let ads run more than 3 weeks without changing up your ad copy or image. Facebook recognizes “stale” ads.” — Rich Funk

“Be realistic in what you expect to gain from Facebook Ads. Like all social media, Facebook Ads are not about the hard sell, especially if you’re driving traffic back to your Facebook page to get more “likes.”” — Joan Daluga

“If you want to ‘set it and forget it,’ Facebook Ads aren’t for you. These need to be monitored and updated on a regular basis to keep things fresh.” — Sarah Reid

After the panel concluded, some of the 435ers headed on over to the VIP reception at Rockit Bar and Grill. The appetizers were great, the drinks were copious, and we got to spend time meeting and networking with our colleagues from around the nation. Kudos go out to Zocalo Group, the Chicago Tribune, Brickfish, and Billy Dec for throwing a great party!

Up next for the 435 Digital Team? We’ll be hosting another panel on Wednesday afternoon, this time on integrated digital marketing strategies.  Even though the panel is technically sold out, we anticipate there will be some additional room, so please drop by!