Here’s are the stories that have grabbed our attention over at 435 Digital this morning:

We are, predictably, all geeked-out over Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone 5 this morning. Rumors are swirling ahead of the 10:00 am PT annoucement:

Here comes the last wave of Apple rumors ahead of today’s iPhone 5 event, which starts in a couple of hours. According to 9to5Mac‘s sources, the new, smaller data connector for the iPhone will be called “Lightning.”

The connector (photo on the right comes from cable company Veister, which claims to have gotten a hold of the iPhone 5 cable) will not only be smaller than the current one — sources say it will also transfer data much faster.

Further rumors claim the new iPhone earbuds, which leaked last week, will be called “Earpods,” and will retail for $29 in the U.S.

On the iPod front, Apple’s iPod shuffle will likely remain at its current 2GB capacity, but will come in a new lineup of 8 colors: pink, yellow, blue, green, purple, silver, slate and red. The iPod touch will get its capacity doubled, from 8GB to 16GB.

Last but not least, Apple will ship a new iPod touch accessory called “Loop.” We’re not sure what it does, but it will also come in a variety of colors.

Is there anything better than mystery accessories? Who else is excited?

Amazon chooses Bing over Google to be the default search provider on the Kindle Fire HD.

Amazonsold 4-6 million Kindle Fires in the last year, so it’s not like Microsoft is suddenly going to mop the floor with Google.

But, Amazon just doubled down on the Fire lineup and will try to sell many millions more. Getting in good with Amazon is another way for Microsoft to win some share in the long run.

While there aren’t a lot of details out right now about this decision, it should be interesting to see how this fuels the fire between Amazon and Google. Especially with Google trying to move more into the online shopping space with the redesign of Google Shopping.

Over in our social media department, we’ve come across some handy-dandy tips to increase brand engagement using your LinkedIn company page.

LinkedIn’s reputation as a top recruiting watering hole is well-earned — how many of us can give credit to LinkedIn for helping us hire that rock star employee, or take that next step in our careers?

However, there is another LinkedIn feature which is relatively less well-known and under-utilized. This is the ability to create a Company Page. Registering and maintain such a page is an incredible opportunity for B2B companies who want not only to recruit the best, but also establish a thought leadership position in their industry.

Salesforce walks you through a few ideas on how to better connect with your audience. Good stuff.

GoDaddy admits that the outage that many caused thousands of websites to go down Monday wasn’t caused by hacking. Instead, they admit that “a series of internal network events that corrupted router data tables,” which is what caused the crash. While GoDaddy has said that they’ve taken actions to prevent this from happening again, this latest outage may cause many customers to find alternative solutions.

Finally, we got to reminiscing about shutting off the lights in the bathroom and making sparks with Wintergreen Lifesavers yesterday. Turns out, the secret behind this phenomenon was revealed by the Straight Dope back in 1984:

I should point out that even without the wintergreen flavoring, virtually all crystal sugar candy, including peppermint Life Savers, will emit some visible light when crushed, although it’s usually pretty faint. The effect was first described in 17th-century Italy, and since then it’s been discussed in numerous papers and articles.

Some of these are more imaginative than others. For instance, I have here an unpublished paper by researcher Patricia Nakache that is somewhat grandly entitled, “The Life Saver: A New Energy Source?” It contains the fascinating news that if you connect a Life Saver to a neon tube with wires and bash it (the Life Saver) with a hammer, the neon tube will flash. We can thus envision that when the next energy crunch comes, an adequate supply of Life Savers will be as important to survival as MasterCard is today. Better hustle on down to the store toot sweet.

Guess we know what we’re doing during our noon staff meeting today.

Happy iPhone Wednesday!