Do you cringe every time someone hands you a business card? Worse, do you shove it in your pocket only to later throw it away or send it through the washing machine?

That’s no way to connect with someone. And while there are several solutions in the iTunes App Store, WorldCard Mobile by Penpower Technology Ltd. has long been a favorite iPhone app.

Snap a photo of any business card and the information is automatically transferred into your contact list. It almost seems magical. While it will work on older models, WorldCard Mobile (currently $6.99 in the App Store) is not recommended for iPhone 3G and the fourth generation iPod touch and older because the camera doesn’t auto focus.

iPad users, there’s a version for you too built just for the iPad called WorldCard HD (currently $14.99 in the App Store). Looks great with all that extra screen real estate.

If you’d prefer to take a test drive before you buy, the lite version is free (LINK). Most of the features are there, but you’re limited to a few scans a week.

The only trouble I had was the occasional business card with a tough to decipher font. Sometimes I had to take the photo a few times, but if you have a lot of cards and are looking to save time, this is a great solution.

And it’s OK if you don’t have an iDevice. WorldCard Mobile is available in the Android Market and for Windows Phone.

The year is still young. If being better organized was one of your resolutions, WorldCard is a quick win.