Levi’s, the jean company, is casting an ad campaign using the hot photo sharing app Instagram. It’s asking potential stars to upload their photos with the hashtag #IAMLEVIS. So far, more than 1,200 photos have been tagged, giving Levi’s plenty to work with.

“The new Levi’s collection was designed with you in mind. And we would like you to represent it,” reads a photo uploaded by Levi’s to the site. “It could be you, it could be someone you know, it could be someone you’d like to know.”

The positive press plus all the great photos already uploaded makes the campaign is a win-win for Levi’s. The toughest thing the company will have to do is go through all the photos and make a decision.

View #IAMLEVIS Instagram photos through Web viewer Statigr.am/iamlevis.