The Chicago Tribune’s Tribune Media Group has been working with CBS-2 Chicago News to help viewers understand changes in various social media platforms. This morning, the Chicago Tribune’s Tracy  Schmidt discussed Facebook’s new Timeline feature and what that means for your Facebook presence.

Tracy did an awesome job – she always does. I’d also like to offer that CBS-2 Chicago co-anchors Jim Williams, who is a friend of mine, and his colleague Susan Carlson surely know that exemplary social media skills are not limited to people of a certain age — that’s just not accurate.  Some of the most gifted social media communicators I know are upwards of 45, so it’s clearly not a matter of age, it’s a matter of attitude. OK and  it’s also a matter of time – it will probably take me two hours to clean up my Timeline. Since I’ve already started the countdown, I’ll have to add Timeline scrubbing to my Saturday chores.

Meanwhile here are links to the videos.

Tracy, Jim and Susan discuss the who, what, where and why of Timeline.

Tracy, Jim and Susan discuss the HOW of setting it up.

Here’s the official Facebook Timeline intro from YouTube.

When and if you decide to add Timeline, make sure you have the time set aside to edit and curate.

As to the CBS-2 spots, they’re doing so well that you can check in for your social media update with Tracy on a weekly basis at CBS-2. More details to come. And if you’d like to attend a class, you can learn more on the Chicago Tribune site.