Things are coming along nicely over at Google+ pages. The Googlers are hard at work adding all kinds of features. and you can read about them on a number of pages.

The official Google blog,

The official launch page for Google+ Brand Pages.

A new resource that could become valuable as it evolves is the  G+ Business pages directory.

But if you are at all thinking about setting up a Google+ page, you must check out this page.  The Google+ Your Business is collecting best practices among brand pages.

Here’s a post that offers some tips that really make sense and showcases the difference between Google+ and Facebook. I particularly like the Hashtag and Hangout suggestion. Marvel Comics used its very popular brand to offer a scarce, therefore treasured experience to its fans.

Posted by +Toby Stein on behalf of the Pages team: 

5 Ways You Can Use Google+ To Stay Up on The Buzz

1. Use Hashtags
The # sign is a powerful tool that companies like +Marvel are using to build and track buzz around their event. In preparation for their massive live Hangout today (5 lucky fans will get to hang out with their favorite Marvel editors) at 3pm Eastern, the #AvX tag offers an easy-to-remember and easy-to-track pulse on what people are saying. Come up with your own, promote it, and watch the discussion unfold.

2. Use Search. Then Save It.
Enter keywords related to your business or industry in the search box. Track what people are saying in public posts throughout Google+ and throughout the web. you can save your searches to make it easier to check in constantly on hot topics.

3. Try a Hangout Focus Group
There’s nothing like talking face-to-face with your users to get a sense of what’s going on. Ask them about your latest products, for feedback or suggestions, or just build relationships with the people you know.

4. Control the Discourse
Take the initiative by posting questions and calls to action on your page. Create an informal poll by creating a post, commenting on it with the potential answers, and then asking your followers to +1 the comment they agree with most!

5. Engage Beyond the Page
Google+ offers an incredibly interactive platform that allows you to do more than just listen. Using search and what you know about your followers, don’t just sit back and observe. +Mention users, comment on their public posts, and engage directly. Google+ provides dynamic opportunities to take the initiative and shape your own buzz.Collapse this post

And since the Internet elves know none of us has enough to do Twitter announced its own version of brand pages.

If this all feels like too much for you, it probably is. Things are going to have to shake out. I and most people I know are looking forward to a quieter, more organized society on the Web, and all of this shows that we are not there yet. Cool stuff is happening. And the choices we make today will determine what that friendly inviting future looks like.