If you’ve just attended Trib U training on how to use Facebook for business you might want to refresh your memory as you build your page by checking out Facebook’s Free Marketing Bootcamp, which started this week and is running for the next two weeks.

Facebook’s already hosted  two live streaming sessions and they’ll be holding  four more, two for each of the next two weeks. So far, the Live Stream has been of mixed quality, so it’s a good thing you can pop in and watch the sessions at any time once they are posted. If you are signed up for the Bootcamp, you’ll get a special offer for Facebook ads as well as supporting materials, including one checklist each week. The checklist consists of action items to implement to get your page started.  If you drive 100 fans to your business page by Nov. 30, you can win $100 in free Facebook ads.

If you are curious about the benefits of a specially designed branded page, how to handle  B-to-B marketing in Facebook, or the best way to market via various industry sectors, the bootcamp might be worth a watch. I also expect that Facebook’s thorough and engaging global staff  will be explaining many of the new Facebook features. We’ve seen lots of changes in the past few months.

The best part of the sessions so far has been the Q&A session at the end. Facebookers usually  direct you toward many types of useful resources that already exist on Facebook, such as the Facebook Marketing Page,  Facebook for BusinessFacebook Ads Marketing and Facebook Manage Your Ads.

I’m embedding my “Invite Friends” code from my email newsletter. Let’s see if that works. (Maybe I’ll get extra credit for some projects I’m working on.)

For the best live training on Facebook, go to Trib U and check events.

Facebook BootCamp  sessions.

Why Facebook for Business?
Nov 1, 12:30pm ET

Connect to people with your Facebook Page
Nov 2, 12:30pm ET

Spread the word with Ads
Nov 8, 12:30pm ET

Let your customers do the talking with Sponsored Stories
Nov 9, 12:30pm ET

Maximize your efforts with Insights and Optimization
Nov 15, 12:30pm ET

Make your business more engaging with social technology
Nov 16, 12:30pm ET