The social Web is changing the world. Know it.

Entire industries are being reshaped as organizations — one by one — respond to the needs of the crowds.

My writings here report on this sea change, which has just begun.  So on this blog, you’ll read about emerging trends in the social Web and their possible impact on your industry or business tomorrow.  You’ll also find interviews with thought leaders on marketing, open government, community engagement and content, offering their ideas about what’s happening today and the possible roads forward. You’ll also discover here an occasional deep dive into the marketers’ tool box or information about a new tool that could be useful for telling your story, bringing more customers in the front door, or monitoring your reputation.

You – the readers of this blog – are individuals representing a local business, a small to medium-size business or a large brand, cause or government agency who is looking to the cutting edge of the social web.  All are welcome in this one room schoolhouse of the future.

Today, I wanted to point you to some good sources of information that will help you get unstuck and grow as your social media strategies develop.  You might want to do what I do: enter these sources into an RSS reader and take the first and last 15 minutes of  your work day to catch up on additions and revisions to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Flickr or whatever your favorite social network is. You’ll also find interesting bits of news at these sites.

435Digital on Twitter and Facebook cherry picks newsy, useful and entertaining  info from all the social media sources to stir your imagination.  Follow us for the curated best of the best.

Look to Mashable’s five industry tracks for a very big picture but go to its social media tracks for daily updates. These  currently include How-ToFacebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus

MediaBistro is a good source of day-to-day tactical changes to the major social networks.  Look to its blogs AllFacebook, All Twitter and SocialTimes.

Social Media Examiner looks at the Social Web from the perspective of a  small business. It features Case Studies, Expert Interviews and How To’s that are informative.

You can always go the sources themselves. Most social networks offer useful how-to videos and news on new features.



Twitter Help Center

LinkedIn – Learning Center

YouTube has just introduced a new hub for creators that offers tools, news and how-tos for anyone who wants to create on YouTube.

Do a web search and you’ll find many other sources. Drop us a line and let us know your favorites.