If you didn’t make Social Media Week, you can learn much by simply surfing the Social Media Week website. Many sessions were blogged by participants and we had a great Twitter stream. Both provided good info. I’ve curated the top-rated videos from YouTube [Sorry – you can only see them on the Storify site. New technology has its bugs.] I’ve added related Tweets and photos from Flickr – all marked with the hashtag #SMWChicago and tied them up with a Storify to get you started. Enjoy!

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September 22, 2011

Chat with Billy Dec, Rockit Ranch and Paul Rand, Zocalo Group.

Most impressive thing?

Dec: I have met a lot of strangers who have become friends.

Rand:  The change in the political dynamics.

Advice to marketers?

Rand: Start by listening. You want to have a conversation.

Fave Platform?

Dec: Twitter – I like to keep it short and fast.

Rand: Twitter. But all the others play a different role.

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Photo by www.krecu.com on flickr

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September 22, 2011
Chat with Tucker Max, author.

Groundbreaking tool? It’s Twitter.

Which platform? The platforms will become background. It’s how you use them and what you say.
Advice to marketers? To me if it’s not authentic, it’s pretty worthless.
The nature of social media is  at odds with the nature of consumerist culture.

Great interview on WGN with Harvey Morris about Social Media Week Chicago http://j.mp/nwrXX0 #smwchicago #in
September 19, 2011

Chat with Harvey Morris, Chicago Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

Most amazing? Everyone is involved in social media at some level.
Advice for marketers? Start small.
Fave Platform? Family connects via Facebook.

Chat with Blagica Bottigliero, Motorola.

Groundbreaking tool? Obviously Twitter. Fast updates online
Advice to other marketers? Find a couple of influencers online and see what topics come up. Read the case studies.
Platform? All of the above. Pick one that you want to excel at.

Christine Cea, brand pr director for @unilever loves the dichotomy of danger (l) and opportunity (r) http://t.co/ojHXqhft #smwchicago
September 22, 2011

Chat with Christine Cea, Unilever.

Groundbreaking? Use Twitter while watching TV.
Advice for marketers? Listen.
Platforms? I spend more time on Facebook it’s interacting with friends. On Twitter, I am following the professional POV.

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Ryan Stonehouse, part of the core Google+ project team. Kicking things off. #smwchicago http://t.co/lgMCS602
September 22, 2011

Chat with Ryan Stonehouse, Google.

Greatest project? The Intel project with Facebook. The Museum of Me.
Advice for marketers: Focus on the user and understand exactly who the audience is.

Fave Platform? Google+ – it has to be! We are just getting started.

Googler talking about the future of G + #womma #smwchicago
Photo by Amber Porter Cox | AKA @amberportercox on flickr