Hi everybody. Just a quick note to say that this is International Social Media Week. Here in Chicago, we are being treated to hour after hour of information packed free panels, lectures and events – courtesy of the Chicago Tribune and Zocalo Group. Check the schedule to see what is happening in your town.

Here in Chicago, Social Media Week kicked off last week when Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel joined Foursquare as ChicagosMayor. Chicago is honored to have the first official City Badge, the “Windy City Badge.” The badge is your prize for checking into Jane Addams Hull-House Museum, the Oriental Institute Museum and the Garfield Park Conservatory and two other lesser known Chicago destinations. This idea of highlighting lesser known points of interest would work really well on the hyperlocal level – ie. in your neighborhood.

We still have two-and-a-half days left so go sign up!

p.s. if you are looking for direction on how to figure out all the Facebook changes (Panic! Panic! Google+ is open to the public!), here’s a video from WGN with the Chicago Tribune’s Scott Kleinberg and Amy Guth telling you what you need to know.