Facebook is an awesome community. Born as a place to hang out with your friends, it has evolved into  a great venue to further develop principles of online marketing for businesses and causes large and small.

Those principles incorporate the basics of online communication. We began to learn online communication early on through email lists and specialized online communities.  Online business marketing communication, ideally, takes the best protocol of personal communication and extends it to the crowds. Businesses are now expressing classic attributes of  their brands  in  interactive and innovative ways online.  For businesses, this innovative way of talking  has just begun. We are experimenting. Businesses accustomed to pushing are learning to engage the laws of attraction. We are listening much more, and broadcasting only when appropriate. This  conversational shift is leading to profound culture change in organizations.

This is a “Wow!” moment.

Social media is taking a quantum leap and converging.

Facebook has taught us so much about social sharing for business, but I’m hopeful that Google+ will be able to build something for business that works seamlessly from the start. You can bet that Facebook and Twitter will be working hard to keep up and excel!

We are all in this together.

Those of us on social media are busy like bees, building our collective hives as we go. That includes you — the businesses, causes and individuals — who read this blog. Now is a time to  plunge in and hone your craft. Really get to know your people on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Linked In — wherever your conversation is occurring – and engage them. Reach out in new ways. Have fun!

Meanwhile we are sharing away on Google+ and once again Google+ Christian Oestlien weighed in with a question.

Christian Oestlien –  Jul 10, 2011  –  Public

What features would businesses and advertisers most like to see on Google+? Help us build a better Google+ for you with any great ideas you might have.

+59 people have responded to Christian’s question and the post has been shared 70 times. [The pluses are the numbers of time folks have hit the Plus-1 button]. Here are some responses to Christian’s question:

Hillel Fuld – I love Google, such a cool way of crowd sourcing… Anyway, would love some sort of analytics built in to my company page/profile to see how many people clicked and converted.

Jul 10, 2011 +35

Daniel Travolto – if you post something interesting as a business in your biz pages for example that it can go viral just like if you posted it as a personal message. What i hate on FB is that only if you post extremely engaging content (which often is not the best) you dont get pushed through to the main feed. pages should have same ranking as personal posts

Jul 10, 2011 +13

Eric Enge – Some way to expand a Hangout past 10 people. Perhaps with a fee. This would allow larger meetings for people who wanted to do that.

Jul 10, 2011 +20

Hangouts are cool video conferences. Ford held one the first week of Google+. Watch a video.

Anthony Quintano – You guys really need to work on a app for streaming from mobile devices. I really see your google hangout for users to stream in multiple sources from a breaking news story. This would be huge for news outlets.

Jul 10, 2011 +12

Stefan Sarzio – I think there should be an easy way (by clicking a button) for end users to add oneself to a topic specific circle of a business account.

Jul 10, 2011 +7

Dan Shepperd – +Christian Oestlien Things vanish so fast we need a way of flagging them as favourites or stuff to come back to – that applies as much to companies and adverts as anything else posted up.

Secondly an easier method of search within G+. Let’s imagine I want information about buying a particular product/service – how do I find it in G+?

Jul 10, 2011 +25

Reza Hashemi – Location based, Geo targeted Circles that let businesses and advertisers send deals, invitations, and special offers to those circles

Jul 10, 2011 (edited Jul 10, 2011) +22

Jason Bush – The ability to share a circle would be awesome. If I had a circle, and shared it…you could find it in my profile, and circle it yourself. That would keep some people from having to circle 1000’s of people from a collective group

Jul 10, 2011 +15

G. Hussain Chinoy – With business that use Google Apps, the Apps Dashboard should configure who can post as the company or manage the company page.

Jul 10, 2011 +10

And finally this very basic  suggestion from early on posted to Googler Kari Wilson’s page:

Rustan Eklund – The suggestion I have is to make it possible and simple for a business owner to create a G+ page for their business without having it directly linked to their personal account. On Facebook your business page has to be linked to a personal profile if you have one, because maintaining more than one account is a violation of their terms of service. And thus it shares the same friends. Not sure how G+ is handling this so far, but to think deeply about the small business owner and the features they would like would be well worth it. Particularly given that G+ covers Twitter functionality for businesses as well, it would be great for us to nail this… because Facebook isn’t.

Jul 11, 2011

What do you like about Facebook? What don’t you like? Your thoughts can help make both Facebook and Google+ better. Google+ has opened up considerably and more people are joining every day, but it has not revealed its features for brands yet. If you are a business without an ambassador on Google+, share your thoughts here and we’ll be happy to deliver them.

Meanwhile, Google+ extended its application for those non-individuals that would like to participate in a beta of developing branding features online.

Google+ users, please do me a small favor and reshare this post to anyone you know is interested in our business profiles testing. I wasn’t kidding when I said the demand for this has been massive. Our old form has filled up, so we created a new form for any businesses interested in applying. Please visit here to apply for participation:


Remember, we will close the application form at 6pm PST on Friday July 15th.

If you feel called, apply. It’s great to be a part of building something new and dynamic.