One of our most popular courses is Introduction to Facebook and Twitter.  Every session, without fail, someone muses, “I don’t want to tell everyone what I had for breakfast. So what do I tweet about?”

I laugh and ask, “Why are you on Twitter? Answer that question and you have your answer.”

People tweet for different reasons. Some people tweet because they like to talk a lot. These are the people who will tweet 50 times a day about everything from the weather to subway etiquette to basketball scores. Typically they have a small group of people that they talk to every day, and they have little interest in expanding their following.

Some people tweet because they’re passionate about a certain topic. On Twitter, the most popular topics tend to be politics, entertainment, sports and technology. People who tweet about these topics will post a variety of information. It could include links to relevant articles and blog posts, retweets of industry thought leaders and their own 140-character musings.

Some people tweet in order to grow their businesses. They look to Twitter as an inexpensive tool for marketing and public relations. Done well, a Twitter account can help a business share its latest news, reach out directly to potential customers and monitor what people are saying about its brand in real time.

If you fall under this category, we recommend that you create a Twitter account using your company name. That way, when customers are searching for you on Twitter, they can easily find you. At 435 Digital, we’ve created a Twitter account named @435Digital. Our team regularly tweets about our company from their personal accounts as well.

Many people tweet their reactions to a live event. This applies to people who tweet for personal or professional reasons.  Recent events that a lot of people discussed on Twitter included March Madness, the Japanese earthquakes and the Oscars.  To signify that they’re talking about a specific event, people typically will use a “hashtag.” For those events, the hashtags were #MarchMadness, #Japan and #Oscars.

If you want to tweet about an event, you should first figure out what hashtag everyone is using. The best way to do that is a search on

Of course, you may decide to tweet for both personal and professional reasons. Many people do this, myself included. It’s a great way to both show your personality and share your expertise. Just remember everything you tweet may be seen by a potential client or customer!

Want to learn more? 435 Digital offers seven different types of courses for the public, including Advanced Twitter for Business. We can also hold private seminars for organizations.

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