Last week we discussed how to create your own online personal brand while working for someone else. This week, we turned to our peers on Twitter and asked for their best SEO tips for business owners–in under 140 characters, of course.

The best SEO is great content.


I think the best SEO tip is to know how to actively listen and find out where and when you’re being mentioned.


Best SEO tip for biz owners? Create content regularly for target customers. Search engine is but, one audience mbr.


Hire someone who actually knows what they’re talking about and aren’t just spouting the words…


Include address in contact us page title (local) 😉


Tip, recalibrate whether you plans will actually achieve your goals with a % likelihood score.


Have clear goals, stay focused, hustle.


Avoid kw blurring by theme-ing your keywords into diff groups, on diff pages. Also target the heaviest kws on your home page.


Business owners need to embrace SEO and put aside a realistic budget for it if they want organic growth


Claim local maps listing and ensure you feature website and contact info in the listing.


Feature your services over your brand name, i.e. titles, h1s, etc. (unless that name is well known)


Our SEO tip for small businesses would be to take it all one step at a time. It’s daunting, but don’t be afraid of SEO.


Sort out unique, targeted titles+200wds quality content for at least category pages. So many sites miss out on this basic 101


Do your keyword research FIRST or you may be chasing after the wrong traffic. Then constantly update keyphrases from analytics.


What’s missing from our list? Leave a comment below or let us know via Twitter at @435Digital. Have another SEO question? Send it our way and we’ll try to answer it in a future post.