reports Twitter has started inviting a select group of users to test a new analytics product. Writes Adam Ostrow:

“With Twitter Analytics, users will be able to see a plethora of data about their account; for example, information about which tweets are most successful, which tweets caused people to unfollow, and who the most influential users are that reply and retweet their messages.”

For business owners, Twitter Analytics will be a breakthrough in finding and engaging with their customers. Now, instead of experimenting with what works on Twitter, businesses will have real-time statistics to quickly adapt to.

In theory, you won’t have to spend valuable time sending tweets that go nowhere–or worse, turn off potential customers. Instead, you’ll understand what people are most interested in learning from you and sharing with others.

An example. A Chicago florist has been on Twitter for months. She thinks it’s helping her business, but she’s not sure. She tweets about a variety of topics: what flowers are in season, the most popular bouquets in her shop, the party she attended over the weekend, tips on making cut flowers last longer. She has about 1,100 followers–many of them event planners and decorators she knows in real life. But she hasn’t found many new clients through Twitter.

With Twitter Analytics, if it does work as Mashable reports, she would learn that people like her tips about flower care the most. She would also find that only certain kind of Twitter-only deals work. Customers will tell each other about a free terracotta planter she is offering but not her one-day only discounts on orchards.

Twitter Analytics could be a game-changer for businesses owners, especially those who have been skeptical of the micro-blogging platform’s ROI. For geeks like those of us at 435 Digital, well, we’re geeking out already.

-Tracy Samantha Schmidt